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Passion & Contribution

Focus on Social and Environmental Transformation Creating Wealth for the Many

Ours are most exciting times.  We are embarking on the largest transformation in the history of human civilization.  We can and will heal our Mother Earth by the inevitable adoption of a Zero Carbon Economy, which will arrive thanks to technological innovation faster than political will looks likely to achieve.  We can and will create social equality.  Trillions in wealth will be created, and with today’s increasing consciousness, we will come to know we are all part of the same human family and will find joy in making sure everyone benefits from the abundance that will ensue from this massive wealth creation.

Special Advisor to Clean Energy Moonshot

The World Business Academy is a think tank and action incubator whose mission is to show that businesses can be most successful by taking responsibility for the whole of society.  A key piece of the whole is our environment, our planet.  The Academy was early in focusing on the imperative of reversing climate change, and has put forth a bold call to action for California to be the first of many political units to achieve a carbon neutral economy within a decade.  I am proud to be a Special Advisor to the Clean Energy Moonshot , Academy Emissary to Asia Pacific, and to be collaboratively leading emerging joint social ventures to accelerate the wholesale transformation of our social and environmental ecology with an initial focus on sustainable development in the energy, transportation, and land use sectors.

Visionary Business Development

We welcome collaboration and partnering with large companies that demonstrate execution excellence and are looking for a transformational reinvention of their market position to get ahead of the inevitable disruption.  We are particularly looking to contribute in the electric utility and transport sectors.

Transformation Coaching

With my extensive experience in envisioning whole system solutions and consulting on business strategy, executive development, personal mastery and team building, I welcome opportunities to help businesses with their urgent transformation from past unsustainable practices to fully sustainable corporate value creation.

From over four decades in software technology, I learned to thrive on change with the imperative to disrupt or perish.  Wouldn’t you rather disrupt and thrive?  I look forward to hearing from you and figuring out together how we can collaboratively create a successful transformation in your company.

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