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Organizing in Times of Accelerating Change

Self Management

At our core, to contribute meaningfully and thrive in times of accelerating change, one must become masterful at Self-Management in all aspects of life from family, consuming, to participating in organizations and teams, typically in a work context.  The social change thought leader Stephan A. Schwartz residing on Whidby Island in Washington State, USA, has identified 8 Laws of Social Change presented well in both this PDF set of slides and in a 12 minute TEDTalk presented at TEDxVail in 2016.

Reinventing Organizations

Frederick Laloux’ definitive 378 page treatiseReinventing Organizations” first published in early 2014 has stimulated massive global inquiry into understanding that 20th century style, hierarchical organizations lessen in their effectiveness with each passing day, while also offering a vision and case studies for organizations based on self-managing teams.  The thinking in his treatise was made more accessible to a larger audience in the much shorter Illustrated Version published in 2016.  The latter is a must read and sets the stage for understanding the possibility of the “non-organization” and Global Solution Networks below.

Introducing the GSN Concept

Thought Leader Don Tapscott provides great perspective and insight in proposing the Global Solution Network – or GSN – as a new and particularly effective type of global problem-solving organization. The GSN Program was launched to evaluate what makes these networks tick, and to understand their potential to change the world.  I recommend studying Don’s proposition fully.

In this 30 minute one-on-one interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Don Tapscott is interviewed by Kevin Delaney to explain his insights so far and where he thinks technology is leading the world.

10 Types of Global Solution Networks

Market Networks

One example or instance of an Operational and Delivery Network is a Market Network. In a 2015 TechCrunch article by venture capitalist James Currie titled “From Social Networks To Market Networks“, a Market Network is described as:

The essence of a disruptive sea change in how markets may operate more efficiently by bringing together marketplaces, specialized social networks, and workflow Software as a Service “SAAS”.