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Hydrogen Economy Thought Leaders

Hydrogen, the Energy Transformation Endgame

The Hydrogen Economy represents the endgame in the transition from carbon-based polluting energy to zero carbon, zero pollution energy.  Hydrogen Electric Buses and Cars are now more than good enough for the sieable early adopter segment of the market. The State of California is leading the nation is supporting a very sensible roll out of hydrogen fueling stations. In concert, large scale adoption of Hydrogen Electric Buses by Transit Agencies will hugely accelerate the leap to the Hydrogen Economy.

Clean Energy Moonshot

World Business Academy president, Rinaldo Brutoco, was one of the early voices calling attention to the adverse consequences of climate change and the seminal role that business could make in reversing the negative trends. He has been a tireless champion of business taking care of the whole – taking care of people and the planet as their profit making mission. The World Business Academy’s Clean Energy Moonshot inspires many people to seek out great opportunities in leaping to a Hydrogen Economy.

RMI and Amory Lovins

The granddaddy thought leader of the New Energy Era is Amory Lovins. For several decades, Amory and his erstwhile colleagues at, have been deeply thinking about how to solve the really big energy and environmental problems facing our modern economy and world. Their book Reinventing Fire is a must read.  Their knowledge transfer through the Electricity Innovation Lab “eLab” in must know for anyone in the electric utility industry.

Our world owes a huge debt of gratitude to them for their wisdom and persistence. Much of the integrative and holistic vision I facilitate and channel into business strategy emerges from standing on the shoulders of these giants, and we extend our heartfelt thanks.

National Renewable Energy Lab

The dedicated team at the have held a steady course in diligently and rigorously exploring and motivating renewable energy alternatives, often in the face of changing political winds.  Their series of published findings make it possible for private ventures to understand when and where commercialization is feasible. We wish to express of appreciation to this great team.

California Fuel Cell Partnership

The bell weather State of California is again leading the nation is demonstrating the best of what a government can accomplish when it leads by setting goals and objectives that benefit the people and follows-up with programs to motivate the leap into a desirable future while filing the gaps with appropriate economic benefits. The CA Fuel Cell Partnership undertakes essential research and analysis, coordinates with key players, and publishes truly useful findings. We extend our thanks.

I wish to acknowledge the contributions of many more thought leaders throughout industry and government.