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We are all so much more than our resumes

I thrive on the uncertainty and change found in the earliest stages of businesses and new industries.  These contexts are wonderful cauldrons for my own personal growth and mastery, as well as being contexts where I can help others achieve their dreams.  I haven’t actually been formally employed by companies other than my own since I was a teenager (See personal bio through 2010).

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In the sections below I’ve created pointers to a richer sharing on certain particularly fun and formative experiences, the most recent ones at the top working backwards in time.

Charter for Compassion – emergence from TED Prize

In 2008, Karen Armstrong received the TED Prize which led to her call to create the Charter for Compassion.  The Charter was originally incubated under the auspices of TED, and emerged as its own 501(c)3 organization, the Charter for Compassion International, under the leadership of the phenominal Andrew Himes as its Founding Executive Director.  I was privileged to be involved with this emergence and to support Andrew beginning in the fall of 2012.

Executive Team building for SAIC’s then CloudShield unit

In late 2011, my great colleague and friend, Stan Fleming, the incoming president of CloudShield, at the time a unit of SAIC, Inc. Cybersecurity Division brought me on board as a consultant to facilitate the articulation of the unit’s mission and values, and to facilitate executive team alignment.  I also wrote key white papers that translated the vision of the brilliant CTO and founder, Peder Jungck, into concepts and language more accessible to non-technical chief level executives.

I was then invited by executives in the parent unit to facilitate a cross unit and cross functional area product vision for a commercial big data-based cybersecurity product that was introduced at the annual premier RSA Security Conference.

Overview Video Resume

This video was created easily in VizzVox, one of my own previous companies, for a slightly different context, so some of the references to the More button are not applicable.  Still, it’s a nice, brief 2 minute preview of almost 4 decades of my involvement in advanced computing and consumer applications.

The Once and Future Proponent

Simplexity is the art and practice of making the complex simple.  I invented Proponent over 25 years ago and continue to utilize its readily understandable metaphors and user experience to visualize and articulate apps of arbitrary complexity.  Whole system design necessarily includes extensive breadth as well as deep, deep, depth.  The ability to hold a vision on the combination of breadth and depth is enabled by the amazing Proponent Cross Sector Requirements Integration Environment

The years leading up to Proponent

This five minute video tells a wonderful history of the early years on computing; living and breathing on the leading edge of innovation.  It was created for a specific briefing, so just ignore the first hello.