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Disruptive Innovation

The Future Is Now

The future that seemed, well in the future, is now.  It has arrived and many haven’t noticed it or are too overwhelmed and in resistance to it.  Alvin Toffler in his seminal 1970’s book “Future Shock” predicted that the rate of change would exceed the ability of peoples at large to integrate the change.

While it is challenging to learn to expect and revel in change, it is possible and can be fun.  A great metaphor is river rafting in white water.  The whole point of the journey for many is experiencing the uncertainty of the rapids.  Click on this line to dive deeper into how to train your “Future Radar” to anticipate and navigate change with personal mastery.

Who Could Ever Have Imagined

At the advent of the then amazing introduction of cell phones in mid 1980’s, no one ever imagined that even teenagers would have cell phones, let alone cellphones that are effectively pocket super computers.

Innovation and Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns catch us unprepared and shock us, but only when we have not yet learned to train our Future Radar on emergent trends or buds in the ground.  We often see a trend once it’s mainstream, when it’s too late to respond effectively and profitably.  Wouldn’t it be better yet to create wealth by getting ahead of the wave?

Thriving on Disruption

Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen is a kind, gentle, and caring man with an incisive mind. He is the granddaddy of the whole subject of innovative disruption and, while his several books can be pretty dense and a slog to get through, in his shorter videos you can quickly access his gems of wisdom.  Click on this line to view a succinct 12 minute videos.
In essence, Christensen defines a disruptive innovation as one that initially seems like a simplistic product with greatly reduced features, BUT one that is typically introduced at a price point that is affordable to a completely new and much larger set of customers.  Before long, the product moves up market and wins over your best customers too.

Resistance Is Futile

It really doesn’t matter how strong or predominant your market position is when an Idea Whose Time Has Come arrives.  The only option is to see it, ideally to have seen it coming, and to get ahead of the inevitable disruption.  No amount of praising your past accomplishments or wishing it wasn’t so will make a difference.

Adapting quickly, effectively, even proactively, thriving on change is the only option.  It’s a a skill and perspective that can be developed through practice.  Apple has figured it out, have you ?

A Voice of Experience

In the digital magazine Connections + July/August 2015 issue on page 17 , the founder and decades long CEO of Cisco, John Chambers, chimes in strongly on the imperative Disrupt or Be Disrupted at a conference where “transformation is in the air.”

Transformation Coaching

With my extensive experience in envisioning whole system solutions and consulting on business strategy, executive development, personal mastery and team building, I welcome opportunities to help businesses with their urgent transformation from past unsustainable practices to fully sustainable corporate value creation.

From over four decades in software technology, I learned to thrive on change with the imperative to disrupt or perish.  Wouldn’t you rather disrupt and thrive?  I look forward to hearing from you and figuring out together how we can collaboratively create a successful transformation in your company.

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Disrupt or Perish.  Either disrupt your own business ahead of the advances or someone else will.