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07 Jul


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Realizing Potential of Blockchain, its Stewardship – Don Tapscott

July 7, 2017 | By | No Comments

Don Tapscott is again weighing in with great insights, perspectives, and prescriptive for realizing the highest social benefits FOR ALL from this transformative technology.  I recommend reading his white paper Realizing the Potential of Blockchain – A Multistakeholder Approach to the Stewardship of Blockchain and
Cryptocurrencies published in June 2017 by the World Economic Forum.

Don’s comments on page 4: “At the application level, we look at the need for oversight, skilled talent and user-friendly interfaces.”  This is an area that I expect will engage me in the months ahead.

01 Sep


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Blockchain Made Simple – TEDTalk by Don Tapscott

September 1, 2016 | By | One Comment

The futurist, Don Tapscott, brings both great insights and an ability to communicate clearly in accessible language that is understandable by a broad group of people.  In this 19 minute TEDTalk filmed in June 2016 he explains Blockchain technology and previews potential applications.

18 Oct


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Let the Crypto Revolution Occur

October 18, 2015 | By | No Comments

Again so soon on the subject of blockchain technologies – on October 13, 2015, Fast Company, in a great article by Steven Melendez, headlined the following:


Please see:

This article features several proof-of-concept cases of blockchain technology being implemented by early adopters. Wall Street itself, at least the one currently familiar to us, is likely to experience being disrupted, although the forward looking players, such as R3 CEV mentioned in my recent Sep 18 blog posts, seem to recognize this and are re-inventing their own position and may just thrive on this disruption. Stay tuned, Bob.

18 Sep


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Blockchain technologies get a huge thumbs up

September 18, 2015 | By | One Comment

Just last month, in early August I blogged about the business potential for one instance of blockchain technology called Ethereum. On Sep 15, 2015, Business Insider UK reported that R3 CEV, an “Innovation Firm” lead by David Rutter announced that “Nine of the world’s biggest banks on Tuesday threw their weight behind blockchain, the technology that powers bitcoin.” Please see:

I had the pleasure of working closely with David Rutter in the late 1980’s developing a trade accounting system for derivates. David is a great guy, smart as can be, and forward looking. Clearly R3 and their partners see the potential of blockchain technologies. I reiterate my comments from August: I believe blockchain technology, properly designed and implemented, can fulfill the promise of a trusted cyber experience. Stay tuned, I’ll be tracking and sharing key progress. Bob.

08 Aug


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Ethereum Vision – The business imperative

August 8, 2015 | By | One Comment


With over four decades in advanced computing, even though my attention is now principally focused on the New Energy Era and Clean Tech, when a new software technology as profound and disruptive as “blockchain” comes along, I can not help but engage with its emergence and evolution with great curiosity and interest.

What is blockchain technology? To start to understand, think of it as enabling transparent or public trusted ledgers that can track anything. Check out this very understandable six minute video:

While bitcoin is getting most of the attention, and perhaps even distracting from the eventual value of blockchain technologies, due to how bitcoin has been applied as a virtual currency, there is an even more broadly innovative and applicable blockchain or transparent ledger platform called “Ethereum”.

I have been studying Ethereum roughly since its inception and the level of excitement I’m feeling is as great as when I was first shown the early Mosaic web browser by a colleague from the National Science Foundation, well before NetScape brought web browsers broadly onto the computing scene.

I know from my long involvement with thought leaders in cybersecurity that the current implementation of “eCommerce” on the web can not be truly secure. All internet security is essential “bolted on after the fact”. To use an analogy, it’s as though a bank vault door has been added to the front of a surface wooden structure instead of being the door to a concrete bunker deep in the ground.

Ethereum is the first platform or environment I’ve found that I believe can fulfill the promise of a trusted cyber experience. Below is a link to the best article I’ve yet read about the vision for Ethereum and why it matters to the business world. It’s a deep article, one I’ve re-read many times. It’s well worth reading as many times as it takes to fully understand the implications and promise.

Enjoy, Bob.