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Business Model Innovation

Tech Advances Enable, but

Advances in technology enable new approaches that can dramatically improve productivity and effectiveness.  However, the advances alone do not create value.  It’s when the advances are creatively and rigorously applied to large problems, clear market needs, and cost reduction imperatives using Business Model Innovation, that’s when value is created.

Business Model Innovation Creates Wealth

Sustainable technologies at large have advanced enough and are good enough today to achieve major disruptions and improvements in nearly every aspect of our energy profligate modern era.  The opportunity, the genius lies in finding Business Model Innovations that enable large companies or large blocks of consumers to utilize the advance as a service, as a monthly expense or payment, rather than having to buy the technology up front.  The lowered operating costs enable financing the upfront purchase and create returns on investment for mainstream third party investors.

In his compelling book Creating Climate Wealth, Jigar Shah, the founder of SunEdison amply describes the approach he took that created the USD 10 Billion solar services sector and details many opportunities to advance our aging infrastructure “as a service”. As a Service is an approach the software industry has long since embraced – witness the Cloud.

Business Model Generation

When the book Business Model Generation showed up in 2010, those of us seasoned in creating value for customers knew that a “gem” had arrived.  The book raised the bar in thought leadership on recognizing that just as reengineering corporate processes had unleashed productivity within companies, innovations in customer-centric and customer value creation processes would unleash value creation.

Creating the Business Model

The book, Business Model Generation, led to a great community of practitioners, trainers, and software developers who developed an awesome web app and accompanying training materials and videos that enable you to put the book’s ideas and actions steps into practice aided by automation.

The app does a great job of containing and supporting complexity, sophistication, and richness, while maintaining a straightforward and accessible model.  Click on this line to open the website in its own window.

Value Proposition Design

The 2014 book Value Proposition Design extends the best practices from Alexander Osterwalder and team.  It is beautifully illustrated and describes the practices in easy to follow steps and examples.  Click on this line to open a preview in a separate window.