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    Integrative Visionary

Ahead of the Inevitable, Serve & Enjoy the Ride

Transformation is in the air.  Accelerating advances in consciousness and technology have created the perfect storm which is uprooting our post industrial age and creating conditions ripe for an upgrade, a wholesale reimagining and transformation of civilization.  Get ahead of the wave, serve the transformation, enjoy the ride, and create great value for others and yourself.

Opportunities to Innovate

The fossil fuel based economy is being disrupted.  It is inevitable due to technological improvement, particularly the massive electrification of transport which is underway along with so much more.

The books “Creating Climate Wealth” and “Reinventing Fire” are two of the most informative amidst hundreds on the topic.  Dive in and start exploring and learning.  Figure out how you can make your unique contribution to healing our biosphere and providing leadership in the biggest transformation human civilization has experienced to date.

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